March 29: Amusement Park Physics

Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This Saturday, March 29, STEM Genius will be partnering with the MI GEAR UP Program at Michigan State University to provide students and their families with a special hands-on and interactive experience related to the science (physics) behind building and maintaining roller-coasters.  Come out and join us, as we learn how to construct our own 6-feet tall Ferris Wheels!!


Students, Parents/Guardians, and Educators – if you are interested in reviewing a copy of the March 2014 issue of the MI GEAR UP Program monthly newsletter, which includes detailed transportation information for the workshop on March 29, 2014, please click on the image of the newsletter below.  A copy of the permission slip for March 29 can also be obtained by clicking on the image of the permission slip, which is posted below the image of the newsletter. Or simply click on one of the following links to open each file in PDF format: MI GEAR UP Newsletter: March Issue or Permission Slip: March 29.


MIGU Monthly Newsletter - March 2014 Issue


MIGU Permission Slip - March 29