Washington, D.C. Trip Summer 2014 – FAQs

Is the student responsible for covering any costs associated with the Washington, D.C. Trip?

In short – No! The MI GEAR UP Program covers all “general costs” associated with the Washington, D.C. Trip.

To be clear – all of the “general costs” include the following:

  • -     travel
  • -     room & board
  • -     entrance fees for museums, historical sites, etc.
  • -     meals (includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

However, there may be opportunities for students to purchase snacks, crafts, collectibles, etc., from the places we visit, at which time it will be the responsibility of the student to use their own spending money for these items – the MI GEAR UP Program will not be covering these extra costs.

Are the Behavior Verification Form and Letter of Recommendation required?

Yes – absolutely! As indicated on the Washington, D.C. Trip Application Checklist (found on page 2 of the application packet), students are required to submit the Behavior Verification Form to a school official (principal or counselor) and provide a Letter of Recommendation from another professional within the community.

Can applicants hand-write the Reflection Essay?

We are requiring all applicants to type the Reflection Essay using a word processor program, such as Microsoft Word, Notebook, etc.

Students will be expected to write their admission essays using word processor programs when they submit applications for trade schools, colleges, and universities, so we are encouraging students to practice these skills now! It is important for us to hold our students to the same expectations they will be faced with when they apply for jobs and/or post-secondary programs.

If there is a concern with whether or not a student is able to access a computer to use, we encourage these students to contact the MI GEAR UP office, using the following contact information:

Phone: (517) 355-0177

Email: gearup@msu.edu

Or by clicking the “Contact Us” link on the MI GEAR UP web page!